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Who is eligible for this service?

Businesses that use autodialers to contact consumers can use this service to help them round out their TCPA compliance efforts for telephone marketing, which prohibits the use of autodialers or pre-recorded voice messages to any telephone number in which the called party is charged.

  • Examples of companies that may benefit from this service include: 
  • Call Centers
  •  Contact Centers
  • Market Research Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Telemarketers
  • Debt Collectors

How do I know which customer type my company should register as?

There are three types of customers:

  • Direct:  A customer that accesses ported telephone number data themselves to avoid engaging in TCPA prohibited conduct.
  • Reseller:  A customer that discloses, sells, assigns, leases or uses the ported telephone number data to verify a customer’s list of telephone numbers so a third party can avoid engaging in TCPA prohibited conduct.
  • Second Tier:  A customer that receives ported telephone number data, or any part thereof, from a Reseller customer so that the Second Tier customer can avoid engaging in TCPA prohibited conduct.

Can I resell the data?

The service limits Resellers to one level of resale. A Reseller customer may resell to a Second Tier customer, but the Second Tier customer may not then resell any data from the service nor can they flag, scrub or identify wireless ported numbers and provide the results to its customers as that is a violation of the terms and conditions of the Service Agreement.

Am I reselling the Service if all I do is make calls on behalf of my customers?

No. As a Direct Customer, if you make calls on behalf of yourself and/or on behalf of your customers, you would not be reselling the data as long as you do not sell, assign, lease, or otherwise disclose the data that comprises the service.

Am I reselling the Service if all I do is scrub telephone number lists for my customers?

Yes. If you scrub lists on behalf of your customers, and advise those customers of whether a telephone number is wireless or wireline, then you are considered to be a reseller of the service.  You must register for the PortData Comply WDNC Service and all of your customers must register as Second Tier Customers.

If I make phone calls on behalf of a client to generate sales leads (or something similar), can I disclose the results of the calls to my client, including the telephone numbers?

A Direct Customer may disclose to its clients the results of calls it makes on behalf of those clients (e.g., leads generated, survey results, applications for products/services, etc.), including the associated telephone numbers. However, the Direct Customer cannot simply provide confirmation to its client that a telephone number was ported to a wireless service, as that would constitute a "disclosure" to an entity that has not executed an agreement with iconectiv as a customer of a Reseller Customer. In this instance, a client would be required to register with iconectiv and execute its own Service Agreement.

What is the NPAC?

The Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) supports the implementation of Local Number Portability and is the system used to facilitate number porting in the United States. Comprised of seven regional systems across the U.S., the NPAC manages the number portability processes of all telecom Service Providers in the United States, including wireline, wireless, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Who administers the NPAC?

iconectiv has been established as the next Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) in all U.S. regions.

What is LNP?

LNP stands for Local Number Portability. You may also hear it referred to as number portability or number porting. Mobile number portability (MNP) or wireless number portability (WNP) refer to a type of LNP related to wireless or mobile numbers.

LNP was created as part of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to give consumers the choice and convenience of keeping their wireline or wireless telephone number when switching from one service provider to another. Prior to LNP, consumers were required to get a new telephone number every time they switched service providers. Note that for wireline numbers, there are some geographical limitations to the consumer’s ability to porting their number. For more technical information regarding how LNP works, click here.

What is the Local Number Portability Administrator (LNPA) and what are its responsibilities?

iconectiv is the LNPA for the United States. As the LNPA, iconectiv manages seven regional databases that make up the U.S. NPAC.

The NPAC provides critical data that allows for:

·     Data administration for ported telephone numbers, service provider networks and audit administration

·      Mass changes, such as location routing number (LRN) transfers

·     Billing and cost appointments

Is registration required?

Yes, registration is required. To get started, select Register and fill out the form.

Is there a fee for the service?

Yes, there is an annual subscription fee and your company will be billed annually. Payment must be received within 30 days of the date on the invoice or access to the files may be suspended until payment is received.

Once my company registers, when will access to the files be granted?

Access to the files will be granted once iconectiv countersigns the Service Agreement.  

Does my account automatically renew each year?

Each year, you will need to renew the service and pay the applicable annual subscription fee. To simplify the process, you will receive an email with the required renewal documentation (Service Agreement and the Annual Continued Qualification Letter) in advance of the anniversary date of your Service Agreement.

As a Reseller, can I renew service on behalf of my Second Tier customers?

An Annual Continued Qualification (ACQ) Letter and the WDNC Service Agreement is required for each Second Tier Customer. If a Letter of Agency was executed by you and your Second Tier customer, you may execute and return both the Service Agreement and ACQ on their behalf. If you do not have an executed Letter of Agency, your Second Tier customer must sign and return the ACQ letter and Service Agreement themselves.

If I am registered as a Direct customer but need to change my status to a Reseller customer, does my status change?

Yes, your company must re-register as a Reseller customer. As you acquire Second Tier customers, each of those customers will also be required to register with iconectiv.

Does my subscription cover affiliates (i.e., subsidiaries, parent company, etc.)?

No. Rights to the service are limited to each legal entity that purchases a subscription. A “Customer” does not include any affiliates of such entity. Any affiliate of a Customer that desires access to the Service must qualify as a Customer, in accordance with Article 5 (Qualification) of the iconectiv Wireless Do Not Call Service Agreement and execute its own Agreement.

My company wants to provision multiple database systems. Do I need more than one subscription to the Service?

Yes. A separate subscription (and the corresponding fee) is required for each database you provision.

A “Database” means a single aggregation of data records or files containing the Intermodal Ports that make up the Service provided under this Agreement. If a Customer (a) aggregates data from the Service into a single Database, and (b) allows multiple entities to access data from the Service in such a Database, then such Customer is a Reseller Customer, and those receiving such data from such Reseller Customer are Second Tier Customers as defined in Section 5.2 of the WDNC Service Agreement.

How can I reach the Help Desk?

You can reach the Help Desk by calling: 844-411-9362 or by emailing NPACPortDataComplyHelpDesk@iconectiv.numberportability.com

What if I can’t find my login information to access the files in the Portal?

If you can’t find your login information, you may email PortDataComply@iconectiv.numberportability.com or call the Help Desk at: 844-411-9362.

How will I receive my bill and how do I pay?

You will receive an email that your invoice is available. You can then login to an online payment portal to view and pay your invoice(s).  If you are unable to find your login information to pay your invoice, you may email PortDataComplyBilling@iconectiv.numberportability.com or call the Billing team at 844-325-4193.

How often are the files updated?

There are four files generated daily:

  • Wireline to wireless ports – no ranges
  • Wireline to wireless ports – with ranges
  • Wireless to wireline ports – no ranges
  • Wireless to wireline ports – with ranges

How are the files formatted and provided?

Files are provided in ASCII file format. You may access the files either via the WDNC Portal or via sFTP.

How often can I access the files?

The files are updated once per day and you may access them as often as you would like. Downloads are unlimited. 

Are archive files available?

Archive (compressed) files are generated daily and accessible for download by authorized PortData Comply customers and are accessible from either the Portal or the sFTP server.  One archive file is generated per day that contains the four files for that day. This file is accessible from the Portal or the sFTP server for the duration of the LNPA contract. There is no single archive file that includes the archive files for the past 365 days.