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Wireline or Wireless?  Know before you call

Doing business over the telephone can be risky. Violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) carry serious penalties for offenders.  With the right information, it is possible to avoid these infractions and associated fines. 

One way to do so is by incorporating PortData Comply, the Wireless Do Not Call (WDNC) service, into your telephone number verification processes. This service allows you to verify if a consumer’s ported telephone number is wireless or wireline.  Without it, your business may be in violation of the TCPA regulation that prohibits the use of autodialers or pre-recorded voice messages to any telephone number in which the called party is charged.  With this service, you can simply and securely download this information via a web-based portal, which includes wireline to wireless porting data (with or without ranges) and wireless to wireline porting data (with or without ranges). The PortData Comply service provides a critical piece of information to help you round out your company’s TCPA compliance efforts for telephone marketing. Have questions about which companies can access NPAC data and for what purposes? Download the Power of Number Porting document.


Businesses that must comply with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and rely on the PortData Comply service for porting data can register today.


Are you interested in learning more about Local Number Portability and how it impacts your business? Visit the About page for more information.


Whether you are an existing user familiar with this service or a new user who is just getting started, our Help Desk is available via telephone or email to assist you.



Types of Users

  • Direct
    Those who use the files for themselves to avoid engaging in TCPA prohibited conduct.

  • Reseller
    Those who disclose, sell, assign, lease, or use the data to verify customer’s list of telephone numbers so a third party can avoid engaging in TCPA prohibited conduct.

  • Second Tier
    Those who receive ported telephone number data, or any part thereof, from a Reseller, so that the Second Tier user can itself avoid engaging in TCPA prohibited conduct.

Examples of companies that may benefit from this service include: 

  • Call Centers
  • Contact Centers
  • Market Research Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Telemarketers
  • Debt Collectors

Examples of job functions that may benefit from this service include:

  • Compliance Specialists
  • Risk Management Specialists
  • Government Relations Specialists

PortData Comply Portal Login

Registered users can access the information and files by logging into the secure Portal.